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A B2B SaaS Company Increased Their Conversion Rates By 4x


A B2B SaaS Company Increased Their Conversion Rates By 4x.png

LogicBay offers its Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software application as the core product dealing with Enterprise Clients. LogicBay's PRM technology allows manufacturers that need to scale their sales channel to drive down the costs of supporting sales channel partners while increasing sales and productivity

Find Out Who’s Interested

Conventional means of Social Media Marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn were met without much success. Hüify set out to explore different means of using Social Media to direct visitors to LogicBay and convert them. Through LinkedIn Groups, LogicBay was able to find the best Social Media platform to share its content.

LinkedIn Groups

The right channel had to be found.

The audience for LogicBay are corporate and enterprise customers. It was established that the audience had to be in a very B2B friendly environment. Even though regular LinkedIn Page posting was not effective, Hüify decided to explore new methods within the platform. LinkedIn Groups looked promising.

The process of using LinkedIn Groups for increasing traffic and leads started with finding the appropriate groups. Relevant industry groups were chosen at large without stringent criteria. From there initial testing was done and posts were shared out on every single group. After two weeks of testing, the four best groups were selected for optimized schedule posting. Posts were shared daily on the stand out groups.

X Marks the Spot

Through this initiative a viable Social Media Distribution Channel was found and yielded amazing results:

  • 36% increase in blog traffic since LinkedIn Group implementation
  • Social media became the #1 lead gen source
  • Consistent communication and interaction within the groups
  • Conversion rate for social media traffic was 4,500%
  • 1,740% Increase in social traffic to website
  • 4x Increase in conversion rate
  • 4x Increase in leads from social media

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