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We are Team Hüify

Together, we work hard, we stay caffeinated, we innovate non-stop, we send hundreds of Slack messages a day, we believe in being the captain, and we will always open our office to dogs.

The Team Behind Your Growth

We’re a mash-up of incredibly smart, creative, hungry, and humble marketers with diverse backgrounds and expertises. Each member of our team brings a special energy and perspective to the table. We attribute our tremendous growth to the harmony of expertise and energy of the people pictured below. We act like humans, we talk like humans, and we think like humans. And we call out anyone who does the opposite.

Team Hüify - Inbound Marketing Team

The Team We’ve Built At Hüify
Is Without Question Our Biggest Asset

Why? Because every member of the team personifies these core values:

Help First

Help First

This is the core of everything we do. Every day should begin and end with “is there anything I can do to help”.

Be Transparent

Seeks Growth Over Comfort

We firmly believe that growth occurs outside of your comfort zone, and we encourage our team to live there.



We commit to communicating in a timely, effective, and transparent manner.

Growth Over Comfort


You're going to make mistakes. That's a given. The only option is to learn and be better because of them. 

Be Coachable

Coachable Coaches

Listen and learn, from every member of the team. Then, coach others. We are willing to be corrected, and know how to act on those corrections. 

Succeed Under Pressure

Succeeds Under Pressure

We are put into high pressure situations all the time. We keep a “let’s get this done” attitude. Aggressive goals = agile performance.

We’re in Search of A-Players

Hüify is seeking highly motivated individuals to join our dynamic team in Wilmington, NC.

Hüify works with A-Player clients. These relationships require A-Player salespeople, marketers, and team members who understand their needs. We work to innovate and evolve. Our clients challenge us, and we meet that challenge and go beyond their expectations.