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A Local Food Co-Op Started Hosting Events Increasing Their In-Store Sales by 20%


A Local Food Co-Op Started Hosting Events Increasing Their In-Store Sales by 20%.png

Tidal Creek increased in-store sales by hosting partnered events and promoting them internally to shoppers through email campaigns.

Community Owned And Operated

Tidal Creek Co-op is a health food store owned and operated by the Wilmington, NC community for over 32 years. They support local farmers and organizations, value the environment, and provide a hub of health of wellness for the people of Wilmington.

More Than Just Health Food

Tidal Creek branched out to partnered events and email campaigns to promote the attendance of shoppers, attracting more people to the Co-op. By hosting partnered events, Tidal Creek saved costs while Huify boosted customer attendance rates through email. Tidal Creek was able to get shoppers in-store purchasing from the deli, hot bar, and beer and wine section to yield a 20% increase in sales for each event, with an average of 3 events per month.

Every event email prompted the receiver to purchase food and beverages from the Co-op for convenience, buy tickets, or RSVP to the event. This helped predict attendance rates and sales spikes. The email strategy consisted of an event announcement followed by 1 or 2 reminders closer to the date, with image and copy variance highlighting different aspects of the event.

The Main Event

The foot traffic generated by email promotion significantly impacted Tidal Creek:

  • Continual email capture and campaigns doubled contact list from 5,000 to 10,000 in 12 months
  • Through email promotion, Tidal Creek saw a 20% increase of in-store sales during events
  • Data from email campaigns helped refine the buyer personas, messaging, and voice of Tidal Creek
  • Increased Attendance Rates
  • +20% In-Store Sales
  • Doubled Contact List from 5,000-10,000 in 12 months

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