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A Virtual CPA Incorporated Videos Into Their Marketing Strategy Increasing Retention Rate Per Page Visit


A Virtual CPA Incorporated Videos Into Their Marketing Strategy Increasing Retention Rate Per Page Visit.png

Your Loyal Virtual Accounting Team

CAP3 provides businesses with leadership, direction and a full team with all things accounting for a business. CAP3 operates virtually and functions primarily as a firm’s Accounting Department. CAP3 and Hüify collaborated in creating professionally shot videos for the CAP3 website that communicated many basic pillars of the CAP3 Business in a succinct and easy-to-digest format.

A Word From Your Virtual CFO

The most well spoken and authoritative member of the CAP3 team was brought in. Along with the Hüify team, subjects and talking points were highlighted to be filmed. Hüify then had the CAP3 team member feel at ease by asking top level questions. The crew included a director, talking and driving the on screen happenings (and making the person being filmed feel comfortable) and a producer tackling the technical aspects of lighting, shooting and sound.

The CAP3 team member was filmed in the Hüify studio that features noise dampening, seamless backdrop, 3-point lighting system and professional sound and video equipment. The footage was then edited and prepped for video integration. Videos were themed and shot around basic pillars of what CAP3 believes in and videos were placed accordingly.

And the Oscar Goes To...

Create a series of videos that are educational and personable to live on the website and to compliment many featured pages. With professionally developed video, retention rates and page visits will increase. The creation of video content in collaboration between Hüify and CAP3 resulted with:

  • Six Videos Produced out of one hour of Shooting
  • The videos were integrated onto the CAP3 Website and Autoplays Increasing Visitor Page Time
  • Created Landing Page Videos
  • Professional Studio Quality Video
  • Increased Retention Rate Per Page Visit

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