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Could Snapchat be Telegraphing a Big Change?


Many mobile apps lock down their usage to be done strictly on mobile devices. Some even do a limited mixture of app exclusivity and some browser capabilities. One of the more common examples of this that comes to mind is Instagram. Today you can almost do everything on a browser that you can in the app with Instagram. However, there is one thing that isn’t allowed: Posting pictures. It would now appear that Snapchat is following suit and starting to bring limited browser capabilities for its service.


The biggest development is that Featured Snapchat Stories are now living on the the Snapchat homepage. This is the first time that Snapchat’s content has been consumable on something other than the app. Albeit limited, this could be what unravels many more new features for the app.

Snapchat has been struggling with sustaining any revenue and this could be a foundational move to new options and opportunities for revenue. The app actually competes with video giants such as YouTube and Facebook Video for monthly views. Could the next big development for Snapchat be becoming a video playing platform? Snapchat certainly has the users to compete. A lot remains to be seen, but this is a development that should be monitored closely.

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Additionally (for those of you that are curious), you can login with your Snapchat account on a browser by going to where you’ll have the option to download your snapcode, change your password and activate/reactivate your account.

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