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How A Growth-Driven Design Website Process Delivered Bottom Line Results For Abusix


There is no doubt that in today's world that being online is a key to success. In fact, when asked, most businesses would agree that their website is their most valued marketing asset. 

Now imagine if your most valuable marketing asset did absolutely nothing for you.

This is where Abusix was when they realized their website wasn't getting them leads, and they needed to change it. 

Here is the story of their traditional website redesign journey and how switching to a Growth-Driven Design process impacted their business.

The Abusix Story: Ditching Traditions, Success With GDD

How A Growth-Driven Design Website Process Delivered Bottom Line Results For Abusix


Abusix endevoured to launch a new website the way most companies do. They contacted all the right internal contacts, took all the right steps, and began down the path of a traditional website redesign. 


Their team built out the new site on their existing Cold Fusion CMS, with the the inability to change or iterate pages. Even though it was a "new" site, the pages were outdated, supplied virtually no analytical data, or inbound leads. They were not producing any content, did not have any conversion paths in place, or any offers available. Abusix spent thousands of dollars and hours and resources attempting to create a website on their own. This website never saw the light of day because it did not follow best practices and the people who were creating it internally had to many other things going to focus on instead of building a website.


Working with Hüify, Abusix was able to scrap their Cold Fusion build and launch their new COS site in less than 3 months. However, an impressively fast build time isn't the metric that mattered. With their old site, Abusix saw 0 leads convert even though they knew they had interested prospects purusing their site. In the 3 months after the site launch Abusix converted 64 MQLs (and counting).

Why does GDD outperform the traditional website redesign process? 

The typical website launch process would require months of planning, sitemapping, approvals, reviewals, and every other beurocratic task under the sun with one goal in mind: to launch a new site. Abusix had gone down that road and experienced the frustrations it caused. Most companies don't have that kind of time or internal resources available to execute the traditional process and end up pushing things live last minute just to be done with it and meet the goal.

With Growth-Driven Design, a more pragmatic approach is taken. Instead of having the goal of to launch a new site, the goal is to get results in the form of leads and customers. This goal advises every step of the process and helps move things along. Instead of considering a million different design options with no real parameters for what constitutes a "good" design, everything is filtered through the view of "will this help us reach our goal of getting more leads and customers from the website?" The answer has to be yes if time and resources are to be dedicated to it. If the color of the laptop in the stock photo you chose for the hero image won't affect how many leads or customers will convert on the site, then we don't worry about it. We move on to getting the next page optimized according to our goals until we've redesigned all the necessary pages and are ready to take the new launch pad site live. 

Focusing on Abusix goal of converting more leads and customers allowed their team to move through the GDD process quickly without wasting time of building pages and adding design elements that wouldn't impact their bottom line. 

Bottom Line Results For Abusix

Here's how GDD impacted Abusix's bottom line just 3 months after launch.

  • 6300% increase in MQLs
  • Over $5k saved in internal resources
  • Increased Pages/Session
  • Increased Pageviews
  • Decreased Bounce Rate
  • Month-over-month increases in visitor-to-contact conversion rate due to the ability to iterate on pages

The Abusix site uses a suite of HubSpot to generate more contacts, leads and customers:

  • COS
  • Lead-in
  • Forms, workflows, emails

The Abusix site launch is a stark example of the advantages a GDD website process has over the traditional way. In half the time that it took Abusix's internal team to redesign and build only a few pages on their old CMS, Hüify was able to help them design, build, and launch a finished HubSpot COS site that has generated bottom line impact results for their company.

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