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Growth Driven Design Delivers for Clients and Agencies


When companies come to your inbound agency looking for a website redesign, they have no time to waste. They've recently put their faith in the inbound gospel and want to repent for the sins of their non-converting site as soon as possible. Instead of patching it with bondo and ducktape, they want you to redo their entire site on the HubSpot COS, and you want to happily oblige. 

Growth Driven Design Delivers for Clients and AgenciesBut wait. This isn't how websites are traditionally built. These aren't the stained glass windows and wooden pews we're used to. And there are new commandments too. 

Thou shalt not use accordions.
Thou shalt abolish lightboxes. 
Thou shalt not take 10 weeks to decide on images.
Thou shalt have a responsive design. 
Above all else, thou shalt not have sliders.

"What is this blasphemy?" your client will probably (probably not) ask. You explain to them the ways of modern web design. You indoctrinate them in mobile responsiveness. After a short period of backsliding, they are eager to continue moving forward with the new site build. 

The Difference Between GDD And Traditional Website Builds

This website process is unlike anything your clients have experienced before. You've taken them to a new church. The chapel of GDD. Growth. Driven. Design. With GDD, there is no 6-month purgatory of consideration, revision, and adaptation that typically leaves agencies and clients exhausted and ready to put their stamp of approval on whatever design you've frankensteined together after 50+ design reviews. There is only design, build, revise. 

MSIGHTS was looking to redesign their one-pager website into a robust, multi-page site that would lead their visitors down a clear path of conversion. And they were looking to do it in less than 3 months. And they weren't looking to spend 50k. Not a problem with Hüify's GDD retainer model. 


Leading Visitors Down The Conversion Path

When you land on the MSIGHTS homepage, you don't have to spend 10 minutes trying to figure out the next step. Depending on how good your internet is, you shouldn't even have to spend 10 seconds. This is because growth driven sites like MSIGHTS are built with one thing in mind: conversion. 

Conversions are the pulse of the website. All of the changes and testing made to a site are stacked against the baseline of conversion rates. This is so we can determine if these changes are effective or not. We need to be able to test the copy, the button color, the placement, the offer––every variable under the sun. By designing a site that allows for these substitutions and building it on a platform that enables us to test these variables, we are guaranteed to achieve the best conversion rates possible.  

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