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How We Quadrupled Our Qualified Applicant Pool By Firing Our Hiring Software


How We Quadrupled Our Qualified Applicant Pool By Firing Our Hiring Software - Josh Harcus, Ross Patterson

Staffing is, in the words of former HubSpot CRO Mark Roberge, "the highest ROI activity you can invest in as a company."

Marketing and sales agencies are no exception to this rule. Agency teams are a mash-up of incredibly smart, creative, hungry, humble marketers with diverse backgrounds and expertise.We expect everyone on our team to:

  • Help First (put others before yourself)
  • Prioritize Growth Over Comfort
  • Always Be Coachable
  • Always Be Transparent
  • Be Hungry (mentality)
  • Drive To Succeed Under Pressure
  • Over-communicate (the good and the bad)

We’ve learned that it takes a lot of work to find employees who meet the requirements Hüify needs. We also learned that if you’re willing to invest the time up front, this work pays itself in spades.

So about a year ago, we decided to implement a Hiring Software called Hireology. This was supposed to make our hiring process more effective, as well as reduce the time we were spending on vetting candidates…

At first, it seemed to be working. We got a fancy form on our website, we had a cool looking backend to the software, we had a new automation process set up, and we got assessments sent automatically to applicants. All of this was (supposedly) helping us sort through the noise, and find the best candidates. We saw a huge increase in the volume of applicants applying to Hüify, and we were happy.

Over time, we realized the real reason we had so many applicants. Hireology was supplying us with applicants that were “mass-applying” to positions on sources like The people “mass-applying” for jobs were not typically the best candidates ready to buy into Hüify –– imagine that. In an attempt to find the value in Hireology, I spent some time on the phone with our Hireology account manager to make sure we were understanding what the platform could provide.

We left that conversation disappointed with the platform and the customer service.

So…We decided that it was time to part ways with Hireology, after paying upwards of $500 per month for over a year. However, Hireology had auto-renewed our contract for another year, without our consent, and was now attempting to force us to stay on the platform. After some knock down drag out “conversations” with our account manager, her boss, and a Twitter conversation with the CEO, we were able to successfully fire them. Not a fairy tale ending to say the least. Final analysis of Hireology –– 0/10 would not recommend.

Being back to square one with no hiring software allowed us to get creative. We decided to build out our own hiring software/process all within HubSpot. How? 

Our team put together a quick landing page, a HubSpot form that asks us everything we want to know up front, a thank you email that let’s applicants know we’ve received their information, a Zap that notifies our internal staffing team, and a workflow to tie it all together. We set up some logic segments applicants from true marketing leads, and we took it live.

After the page had been live for a little under a week we had more than quadrupled qualified candidates than the previous two months of having Hireology implemented. Tack on a few social posts, a job ad on LinkedIn, and we were in business. 

Summary: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sometimes our scrappy ways serve us best.

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