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Power Equipment Company Increases Blog Traffic by 1,600%


Power Equipment Company Increases Blog Traffic by 1,600%.png

Using Missed Opportunities

Compact Power Equipment Rental provides heavy equipment rental in over 900 Home Depot locations across the United States and Canada. The main goals that Compact Power wanted to achieve were growing reach and building brand awareness. The company wanted to grow their blog and use it to attract visitors and convert leads. At the start, blog traffic was less than 200 hits per month.

Finding The Best Channel

The solution to their problems lied within Pinterest and Landing Pages. The strategy for Compact Power’s blog growth relied on the production of high-quality, visual blog posts that focused on relevant landscaping topics. Blog posts had an average of 3 images each and included authentic written content geared towards the reader, not the search engines. Hüify used the Compact Power Pinterest account to syndicate content with the goal of reaching the company’s DIY-spirited buyer personas. Content was pinned during strategic times of the day and week for maximum virality and exposure.

Quality Content Pays Off

In the last month of 2013, over a quarter of Compact Power’s traffic came from Pinterest alone. With over a year of consistent blogging and syndication, there has been substantial results:

  • 25,000 is the daily average number of people who see the company’s content on Pinterest
  • 30% of traffic to the CPER website came from Pinterest in December 2013
  • 17,000 baseline number of visits from Pinterest each month before pinning
  • $0 spent in monthly advertising
  • 318% increase in monthly lead captures on blog
  • 1,600% increase in blog traffic
  • 130% increase in monthly lead capture on the website
  • 3X more visit-to-contact conversions on the blog while using inbound marketing to attract visits and convert leads

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