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Thunderclap: Inbound Marketing Campaign with a Bang


Building up hype is a part natural of the really fun, successful inbound marketing campaign. You want your audience to be excited and spread the word quickly. On the internet you can push out tweets, pins, facebook and blog posts, to name a few. After sculpting, preparing, and syndicating your message to all of these social media platforms your next step is to hope and wait for your audience to become advocates for your cause… one person at a time.

Now there's a better way. Thunderclap is a service that allows people to spread their message through hundreds or even thousands of participants instantly. 


Reach thousands in one flash.

Here’s how it works: Craft your message and spread the word asking for support from your social media followers. Those who choose to participate will “donate” a tweet, facebook post, or tumblr post that will be sent out at a later date that you decide.

As more people commit to your cause, you will see how far your social reach will go. A thunderclap with 100 supporters can reach tens of thousands, and the numbers only go up from there. The only catch is that  you have to meet your support goal (a minimum 100 people) by the deadline for your Thunderclap to go out.


So how is this any different from getting your fans to “like” and “share” a message a few people at a time? Messages that spread quickly have a chance to become a trending topic, which increases the potential number of people that will see your message overall.

How to use Thunderclap for your business:
-Announce the start of a new campaign.
-Announce a new product or service.
-Build hype for an event.
-Spread the word about a promotion.
-Announce the release of a new book.

The Tim Ferriss Experiment [Thunderclap Case Study]

Check out How Tim Ferriss Reached Millions for a TV Series Launch for an awesome example.

Have you used or participated in a thunderclap campaign before? What were your experiences?

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