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What is a Commünity Manager?


Here at Hüify, we train our team to be the most knowledgeable and creative Community Managers. You may be asking yourself, what is a Community Manager? Because the term takes on such a broad role, we are going to break down the best practices of Team Hüify Community Managers!

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1 - Humanizing the Voice of our Clients

Though our Community Managers represent our clients in the digital realm, we strive to project the most humanized voice possible. Because users want to engage in realistic connections on social platforms, we use a friendly approach that utilizes social opportunities and leverages further connections.

2 - Making Personalized Connections

It is important to the culture of Hüify that we make connections with users as personal as consumers would experience when engaging with the client or company. By making these personalized connections, our Community Managers nurture and support the users engagement and help to retain them further as consumers.

3 - Creating Meaningful Relationships

Our humanized voice and personalized connections combine to help create unique and meaningful relationships with users. Information moves very quickly in social media, so it is critical to not only form relationships, but to make them significant.

4 - Maintaining Authentic Engagements

To ensure that our relationships continue to be significant, our Community Managers maintain realistic and authentic engagements. Hüify's core competency is to create unique interactions and this is accomplished by building genuine engagements.

5 - Analyzing Social Impact

It is very important to analyze the impact of our engagements so that we may better tailor our clients voice and connections to users. Our Community Managers examine the impact of engagements by using analytic skills and social media statistics, to better understand our audience and help create more significant impacts.

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Team Hüify strives to create the most humanized and personalized voice for our clients to build meaningful relationships through authentic engagements. By successfully connecting with users on social platforms we assist and nurture today's leads into tomorrow's customers. For more information regarding Team Hüify's Community Managers, please contact us!

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