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Why We Build Our Own Computers ("Hackintosh's")


One of the things people don't realize when they think of innovation and productivity in the agency world is hardware. We pay a lot of money for software and our new tools that speed up this or automate that. All the tools that we use on a daily basis, as well as all the tools I have come in contact with that are just awesome for streamlining work. Yet we don't really think about hardware a lot.

What we did at Hüify was start to question how else we could innovate and improve processes. We wanted to look at what is going to make all of our lives more efficient. How can we look at everything as utilities, and think of everything as time savers? If we could find something that helps us save even five, ten minutes a day, that time quickly adds up over the course of a year. Therefore, you can justify spending money on almost any element of equipment.

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The next step goes how can you save money when people are accessing the internet via a machine. They're accessing all that through a device, whether that's a cellphone, a tablet, a desktop, a laptop. If that device is slow, old, or outdated they're immediately inhibiting themselves because they're waiting on even something as simple as a window to load.

We focus a lot on what are some things we can do to operate more efficiently. Even if its that's tab cleanup in Chrome (as silly as it sounds). In this example, tabs are all slowing your computer down significantly. So because of that you output will be less valuable and you won't be able to put as much work out the door, instead you'll be getting a less done in the time you have.

When we're talking about equipment, we wanted to focus on how do we have the best, fastest equipment for the individual task that people need? What I mean by that is someone who's doing video editing, needs a more robust machine computer that has better graphics card, processor and more ram. Basically anything that is going to make the video editing process faster. Now someone on the sales side they just need a good machine that can access the internet very quickly and that can run very quickly so they can look up information right before sales calls.

Those two individual needs are different. Therefore, the machines should also be different and should be tailored to their uses. We started doing research like any good marketing company and we found that we could actually build our own computers that were customed to the use cases we had for about a sixth of the cost. One sixth of the cost it would cost us to go out and buy them from a big name like Apple.

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We decided, "Let's do it." We never built computers before and this is new to us—thankfully there's a really nice source of information called YouTube that we could look and get tutorials on how to do it.

So far we have built seven computers. Seconds matter in any online industry and especially if you're online consulting company. Like I said seconds turn into minutes, they turn to hours and they justify the cost of what it would cost to purchase a new phone potentially even every year. If it's faster and more efficient. That's why we build our own computers here at Hüify and we've turned now our whole office to a utility that is optimal for getting work done.

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