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Web Design Has Changed

Our thoroughly tested and results-driven approach to websites is called 
Growth Driven Design. It's fast, flexible, and effective.

What is Growth Driven Design?

Traditional web design is broken, outdated, and inefficient.

Growth Driven Design is a smarter approach to web design. It is fast, data-backed, and most importantly, flexible – allowing us and your business to continuously iterate and improve the initial site based off of user interaction data.


This is where the website conversation begins.

The purpose of this stage is to gain a cohesive understanding of your audience: the way they interact with the internet, the information they need from your site, and how your website can help them solve problems along their buyer’s journey.


You need a website that performs better than the one you have now, and quickly.

In this stage, a website is built that will look and convert better than the one you have now, but is not the final product. It is the foundation on which you will analyze and improve.


Collect user data, analyze, improve based off what we've learned.

After your launch pad site is live, we start studying how users are interacting with your website. Based on the data we gather, we'll continue to iterate, add on, and improve the site to reflect what we know will help us generate more users.

What does our Growth Driven Design process look like?

Let us walk you through it.



First, we gain an understanding of your business, the information you want to convey, the goals you want to achieve, and detailed context for your audience.

The strategy is the foundation for the whole process.


Collaboratively, we determine the 20% of the pages on your website that are generating 80% of the value. Using that information, we construct a sitemap, which is a high-level view of the initial structure of the pages.

This guides the direction of the rest of the project.


The wireframing process gives a black and white blueprint of the information structure of each page, starting with the home page. This phase includes making decisions on how we want users to interact with each page.

Think of it as the skeleton of a page.


The design for each page is based off of the blueprint created during the wireframing stage. We design a static version of each page, starting with the homepage.

This is where the ideas come to life.


Once the design for each page is finalized, they move into the development stage. They will be responsively coded on the HubSpot CMS for a smooth viewing experience on any screen.

This is where the ideas on paper become a living project.


You understand your business at the most intricate levels. We work with you to develop search engine optimized copy that speaks to the pain points of your consumers.

Wait a second, what's that? It's the light at the end of the tunnel.


We've made it. What started as an idea is a tangible website that looks ready to serve as a huge asset for your business. We make sure all the links are working, the copy looks polished, and the SEO components are working together.

Time to launch.


The initial version of your site has been up and running, and leads are starting to flow in. In this stage, we consistently analyze how pages are performing, and how users are interacting with your page.

Based on that data, we iterate and improve.

Some Kind Words From Happy Clients.

Mike Flebotte of iControl

Mike Flebotte


Huify’s expertise in website design and development has also had a huge impact on our marketing efforts and implementing Growth Driven Design.

Tobias Knecht of Abusix

Tobias Knecht


When it comes to website design and development, Huify is who you need to go to. They truly know how to build a website with an amazing design and best practices for building an inbound funnel.

Enough talk, show me some sites.

Msight Website
Abusix Website example

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