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5 Things Your Company Blog Does For Your Company


5 Things Your Company Blog Does For Your BlogThe term "blogging" has a negative connotation in some business quarters. For some it feels too casual, too student dorm, to apply to their very serious brand and the product or service they're trying to sell.

Smart businesses don't subscribe to that theory, because smart businesses understand the power of blogging to not just carry their message in a tone and style that customers will enjoy consuming, but also to increase revenue.

If your company doesn't have a blog, you need one. And if you need convincing, here are five things that a regularly-updated blog can achieve for your company.

1. Attract visitors to your website

Each time you post a new blog entry you're creating a fresh page of content on your website. If that blog post is answering a question that a potential customer of yours is asking online, your little old blog is serving to increase the chance that a potential customer will find their way to your site.

It goes without saying you need to be smart here. Using a tool like Hubspot to inform, you should be tailoring blog content to address the questions your potential customers really are typing into Google and looking to answer online.

2. Identifies your company as a thought leader

Put yourself in the shoes of potential business-to-business customer and let's say you're shopping for a video content management system (here's a great one). You're looking for a solution that will serve your company's needs and also to find a provider that understands everything about the industry you're working in.

Now imagine how you would perceive a content management system provider if their blog was a one-stop shop for everything that's going on in the industry. They would come across as living the industry 24-7 and being completely on top of their game. Now that's the type of company you'd feel safe spending with, right?

3. Creates leads for your sales team

This one ties into points one and two, and can be a result of both if you set your blog posts up in the right way.

The first stage of company blogging is to attract new visitors, the next is to convert them into leads by having visitors complete a call-to-action on the blog they've come to read. If that starts happening your blog is doing the most important job of all for your company - helping you sell your product or service.Download the Free Chapter: Create Remarkable Content

4. Keeps your staff on company message

Another great benefit of a company blog is that it's a really smart way to keep your employees on message and inspired to get better. 

By posting topical industry updates, answering the big questions potential customers are asking and beyond, your company blog is informing your staff with every post. It's an indirect motivational tool and a wonderful way of subtely making a point to your team about the way forward.

People Together-85. It keeps your company on top of its game

The very process of running a company blog can be a huge positive for everyone involved. Researching new posts involves reading related material online, scrolling other industry blogs and going on a journey of learning to reach your conclusions.

Who knows what you'll find out along the way to publishing a post, but like writing a paper in college (the ones you really tried hard to ace) you'll come out the other side enriched and with more to talk about in your next client sales meeting.


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