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Will Tidey

Will Tidey
Will Tidey February 17ST 2018

Acquisition vs Retention: The Importance of Customer Lifetime Value

What is more important, the acquisition of new clients, or the retention of existing ones? It's a classic sales and marketing question and one that...

Will Tidey May 22ND 2015

Gold Tier Partner Hüify Ranked 5th Highest Reviewed Agency by HubSpot Customers!

We're excited to announce Hüify has made the leap to gold-tiered partner status at Hubspot. We're even more excited to announce Hüify is now...

Will Tidey April 13TH 2015

Need to Ramp up Your Sales in Q2?

How were Q1 sales for your business? Did you meet your goals, hit your sales targets and deliver on every performance metric available? If the answer...

Will Tidey April 6TH 2015

What is TOFU? And why does it matter for blogging?

Everybody knows Tofu. It's white, looks like goat's cheese and tastes like something you might use to fill a hole in your drywall. But before you gag...

Will Tidey April 1ST 2015

What is Inbound Marketing?

We've covered a lot of ground in this blog when it comes to inbound marketing, but every now and then we need to revisit the question that's asked...

Will Tidey March 31ST 2015

Craigslist NC is Not Going to Fix Your Marketing Strategy

Hubspot tools tell us a surprising number of people are searching for marketing solutions on Craigslist. Now there's nothing wrong with Craigslist,...

Will Tidey March 30TH 2015

7 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Is Better Than Outbound

Inbound or outbound: that is the question. Whether tis nobler to suffer the expensive, annoying and scattergun marketing approach of the latter, or...

Will Tidey March 27TH 2015

How video fits into inbound marketing methodology

Inbound marketers know only too well how remarkable content brings visitors to their website. The word "content" takes most of us to thinking about...

Will Tidey March 26TH 2015

Why Buyer Personas Are Vital to Inbound Marketing Success

A buyer persona is described by our friends at Hubspot as a, "semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real...

Will Tidey March 25TH 2015

Why Inbound Marketing Tools are Great for Start-ups

Start-ups face any number of challenges to succeed, but arguably the most demanding is how to build awareness from scratch and attract potential...

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