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An Inbound Marketing Success Story You’ll Never Believe


How did a guy selling swimming pools turn into a millionaire? Through inbound marketing, of course.

slMarcus Sheridan, better known today as The Sales Lion, started selling swimming pools with his friends in 2001 at a company called River Pools and Spas. Everything was going well until the economy crashed in 2008, and for a while it looked as though their business would crash as well. Marcus realized that he had to do something to keep their company going, and turned to the internet for help.

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With no money for marketing and no web presence for their business, Marcus was certainly starting from scratch. He happened upon HubSpot and started to learn about inbound marketing. He decided to start blogging for River Pools and Spas.

Within one year they had the #1 ranked swimming pool website in the world.

You read that right.

In various discussions Marcus talks about his process for starting the blog. He decided to become a teacher, as he describes it, and started writing about what he knew about pools. Most of what he wrote about answered questions that he had received over the years from past customers who wanted more information about buying and owning a swimming pool.

In 2009 Marcus Sheridan started The Sales Lion, a consulting firm that teaches businesses about how to use insourcing marketing techniques. He has given talks all over the place, including TED Talks and HubSpot Conferences. He’s still a co-owner of River Pools and Spas, and yes, their site is still up there in the ranks if you search for a pool-related question.

We love Marcus Sheridan the Sales Lion’s story because it shows the true power of what inbound marketing can do for your business. If someone can turn zero blogging experience into the #1 ranked site in their industry in one year, imagine what inbound could do for your business! Feel free to check out his Bold Talk below...


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