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Apps You Can't Miss: Anchor


Today we're going to talk about, or if you're already on the iOS app store, Anchor. We picked Anchor because it's one of the new hottest apps that has been released in the app market within the last couple of weeks. It's huge. You can post questions in audible form, make statements or start a discussion and have people globally respond back to you.

Why Anchor is important is because there isn't a podcasting or live podcasting app like this yet. Most of the different products out there have audio and video. Anchor provides a special niche especially amongst people who don't really want to put themselves out there in video. It's also great because people give really thoughtful answers and you can hear in the in their voice the type of passion that they have towards this subject versus what you would just get over text.

Jump into an Anchor ⚓️ discussion that I posted on Twitter:


Listen to the conversation here: What does our #future look like? #AnchorDebate 🚀


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Check out Anchor and follow me so we can start having real time conversations on the app!

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