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Team Hüify

Team Hüify
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Team Hüify April 4TH 2018

The Death of Outbound Marketing

We have all been there - flipping through channels during commercial break, skipping youtube ads after five seconds, flipping past print ads in our...

Team Hüify March 28TH 2018

5 Tips for Taking a Better Corporate Headshot

Taking a corporate headshot can be a daunting process. Whether you are doing it yourself or having a professional take it for you, here are some tips...

Team Hüify March 21ST 2018

Why Should You Blog for Your Business? Consider the Statistics

To blog, or not to blog? That is the question we understand all too well. Blogging takes time. It can exhaust your creative juices, of which there...

Team Hüify March 9RD 2018

The First Step in Troubleshooting Webpage Issues on Chrome

In our world, QCing (Quality Checking) website pages is a daily ritual. We are constantly looking to iterate websites based off of the story the data...

Team Hüify January 5TH 2018

Business Communication: Cutting Through the BS

Every word counts when it comes to business communication. Whether it's verbal or written communication, you can easily lose the core idea of your...

Team Hüify December 1ST 2017

Focus On Value: Selling Strategy and Services Isn't Enough

I recently got pulled into a conversation with an industry leading strategist pitching that my agency should stop selling services and start selling...

Team Hüify August 3RD 2017

6 Secrets To Running Effective Meetings

I know, you think you’ve got running meetings down already. Or maybe you wish you never had to attend another unproductive meeting again. Either way,...

Team Hüify July 7ST 2017

LinkedIn Disables API Support For Groups... Now What?

In an effort to strengthen the legitimacy, the exclusivity, and the value of LinkedIn Groups, the company has been cracking down on the privacy of...

Team Hüify May 29TH 2017

How To Achieve Your Goals Through Agile Marketing

Agile. A lot of marketers are saying it. Not a lot of marketers are truly doing it correctly. Agile marketing (a term borrowed from software...

Team Hüify May 19RD 2017

How Communication Can Make Or Break Your Client-Agency Partnership

It's been said before, but we'll say it again and emphasize it in italics: As a modern marketer, you need to be able to communicate the value of new...

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