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The First Step in Troubleshooting Webpage Issues on Chrome


The First Step in Troubleshooting Webpage Issues on Chrome

In our world, QCing (Quality Checking) website pages is a daily ritual.

We are constantly looking to iterate websites based off of the story the data is telling.

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Or, we simply notice that a link is broken somewhere on the page, a change we updated on our CMS isn't loading, an image is appearing blurry, etc etc.

We wanted to share a quick golden nugget that may save you a lot of headaches.

The "Empty Cache and Hard Reload" on a single page.

This technique allows you to clear the cache for a specific page and refresh it from the source, saving you from clearing your entire cache and helping you identify if there is a problem that needs solving.

Here are the steps (for Google Chrome):

1. Open the page you think is having issues.

2. Right click (or Ctrl + Click) anywhere on the page.

3. Click "inspect."

Cache Refresh | Huify blog

4. Right click the refresh button.

5. Click "empty cache and hard reload."

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 2.44.30 PM

6. Check to see if their is still a problem.

This is a simple technique that has saved us a lot of time, and we hope it helps you, too.

We've learned a lot in our six+ years as an agency, and want to share that knowledge. Reach out for a free consultation for more tips and tricks.

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