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How to Choose Your Company's Name


Coming up with a company name can be one of the most daunting tasks that you have on your startup to-do list. The reality is (this is going to sound harsh), "People don't care what your company name is."

You look at some of the greatest companies that are top brands today: Google, Nike and Apple. All of these companies either have misspellings as words, or made up words—or in Apple's case, I honestly think they just decided that we need a company name so let's call it Apple.

When you are brainstorming your company name, try to incorporate some element of what your business is into either a word that sounds like your business or something that people can remember, that's easy to spell, and communicates enough about what you do and is short and the URL is available. Anything that is two words together, especially if they're short words, I would say probably just give up now on trying to find that URL (unless you're willing to end with a .io, a .org or .net which is a little more outdated). You're probably not going to find the .com or .co URL that you're looking for.

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Take a couple of words that sound like the business or things that you want to have incorporated in your business and throw them into a word scrambler. Limit the characters to under seven characters and see what comes out. That's actually how Hüify was named. We took the words "human" and "personify" put it the word scrambler and out came Hüify. This worked because it was a five letter word, the .com was available, the .co was available, when we Googled it we didn't find anything else that was relevant to it so we knew from day one we could rank in Google for our company name.

The one thing looking back in retro-respect, is the confusion when people don't necessarily know how to spell Hüify. They either say or spell it "Hue" like a color hue and then "Ifphy" or they pronounce it funny—but the reality is people still find our site and figure out how to get to us.

Coming up with a name that's short will make sure that people remember how to spell i and that can be one of the hardest things. The key things to remember when you're coming up with a name are: make it short, make it easy to spell, try to make sure it has something to do with your company's product or the service you deliver and at the end, honestly just get it done.

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That's the biggest thing that keeps companies from coming up with their name is they come up with some good choices and they don't proceed on any of them because they just don't want to get it off the floor. You can always change your name and again like I said before people don't really care what your company name is. They care about the value that they can get from your company, your service or your product. 

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