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How to Help Yourself Out in Getting a Job


How do you stick out from the competition? It’s something on everyone’s mind and becoming ever more difficult as things get more and more competitive. This is not a master list, but a few things that may have not been obvious or a typical factoid you hear from your mentors and other resources.

How to Stick Out in the Hiring Process

Don’t Be Disruptive

A bit vague, but let me explain. There are a couple things that will dock you some brownie points in the hiring process and they are easy fixes. First off, do not come super early. Arrive promptly so that you are there and ready when your potential employer is ready for you. Coming in even ten minutes too early can be disruptive. Wait in your car or outside if you have to.

The other preventative measure to take to help your chances is to not interrupt the interviewer. Don’t jump the question or lead in when you think you understand it. Let the interviewer finish their full question so that you are able to answer correctly.

Show That You Keep Busy

If you're in the job market then you already know that preparing yourself for it is a full time job in itself. You should be constantly doing things, be it growing a random Twitter account, A/B testing things with your family on Facebook, reading industry books, freelance work for companies or even something unrelated. Just know that this is attractive to employers because that it shows hard work and commitment. Employers are interested in that and not the fact that you are a busy body. Do tasks and build yourself with hard work and with things of value.

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Stick to Your Guns, But Do What Feels Right

Business School is a great foundational experience and it prepared me in the post-graduating world better than any of my peers who had different majors. With that said, not all that I learned there was relevant and some things were just flat out wrong as to where it could be a detriment.

I speak from the experience of getting into the Inbound Marketing world where tradition is cast by the wayside, so I do understand that there are situations where standard Business School teachings are more pertinent. So with that said, know the culture of where you’re applying and realize there will be a different standard of expectations across the board and that it is not only what you have been taught.

Avoid Buzzwords

Don’t go into an interview and word vomit buzzwords. “Through Marketing Automation our Content Marketing Strategy will Convert Visitors to Leads and we will then use KPI’s and formulate their Customer Lifetime Value.” Just show you know the concepts and take two minutes explaining a process rather than rambling off a log line of relevant terms. Regurgitating blog posts and their highlighted moments will not translate a deeper understanding to the knowledgeable interviewer.

Become Online Certified in Everything Relevant

In between jobs or right after graduation you need to be pro actively bettering yourself. You will have all the time in the world and not using it for professional development is a travesty. HubSpot Academy, Code Academy and Google Adwords are great places to start.

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