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How video fits into inbound marketing methodology


How video fits into Inbound marketing methodologyInbound marketers know only too well how remarkable content brings visitors to their website. The word "content" takes most of us to thinking about blog posts, eBooks and the written word in various other forms, but video has a huge place in the conversation too.

Video is arguably the most powerful content tool there is to humanize your business. It's accessible, easily consumed and comes packed with a serving of personality you can't always harness in text and images.

What's more, in today's digital world, high-quality video has become remarkably straightforward to produce. All you need is a small space and a cell phone, to create clips that will be shared all over the world.

All of us are directors waiting to happen, and it's on that exact premise that our good friends Tout were formed.


You have the tools, so the question becomes how to use video in your inbound marketing process. Here are five suggestions as to how you might try.

1. Video tutorials as offers

EBooks are great, but how about mixing it up by offering a video tutorial to entice visitors to fill out a form and sign themselves up as leads?

You should keep the video content short and concise, focused on answering a specific question you know is pertanent to your buyer personas.

2. Videos embedded in emails

Your facility to do this may depend on the email provider you use, but there's nothing like an embedded video to bring an email to life.

If you can't embed video content, you can always tease to click on a landing page at your site that hosts the clip.

3. Video social media posts

Facebook and Twitter are both primed for inline video content. If you produce short, punchy clips that engage your customers on social media you're add value to your streams and gain credibility with every post.


4. Video how-to guides to your product

Once customers move towards the bottom of the sales funnel you can use video product guides to demonstrate what you do with a new clarity.

Video achieves two things here - adding another layer of credibility to your company and further validating your product using a proven medium. Some things need to be seen to be believed, as they say.

5. Video follow-ups to phonecalls

You've got a lead to your sales team and an initial call has been placed. How about following up that call with a video that speaks precisely to where they are on their buyer's journey and also to their specific buyer persona?

You'd stand out from the crowd and almost make the potential customer feel like they were getting special treatment.

I think they call that "delight."

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