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Snapchat Starts On-Demand GeoFilters


On-Demand Geofilters

If you use snapchat, then you know what Geofilters are and how awesome they can be.

If you’re not using snapchat,’re seriously missing out. Here's a quick background.

What began as a way for teenagers to send naked pictures of themselves to each other, has transformed into one of the world's largest social media mediums in existence, valued at over 19 billion dollars. Yes, billion, with a ‘B’. So if you’re not utilizing the platform personally or for your business, I strongly recommend taking a second look.

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Snapchat single-handedly invented and pioneered geofilters. What is a geofilter?  Put simply, a geofilter is a filter that a user has access to based on their location. This allows Snapchat users to use overlays like this:

Until now, all snapchat geofilters were community based. This meant that filters were forced to meet a strict set of community based submission guidelines and went through a very long approval process. Filters could not be used to promote events, businesses, or personal events. That has all changed.

Snapchat now allows the ability for On-Demand geofilters. This allows any person or business to quickly create and publish their Geofilter, for a cost-based on the length of the life of the filter and the area it encompasess. The geo-fence for the filter can cover an area anywhere between 20,000 and 5 Million square feet for no more than 30 days.

This is great news for businesses throwing events, city's raising awareness, couples getting married...the list goes on and on.

With an office full of digital marketers, it didn't take us long to start thinking of ways we could hack the crap out of this to maximize our reach per dollar. It’s an interesting concept and we are excited to see where it goes.

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