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The First Steps To Becoming An Inbound Marketing Wizard


Inbound Marketing has firmly planted its flag in the marketing world. Now more people than ever are flocking to it as their marketing method. Reading a few blog posts, viewing some flow charts and even attending a few webinars will not get you up to speed, however. You need to immerse yourself in inbound methodology and take a multipronged approach if you want to become an effective inbound marketer. We have outlined where to start:

Get Inbound Certified

First and foremost, get certified. Stepping into the Inbound World and not being certified is like being the quarterback and not knowing any of the plays in the huddle. This is an absolute starting point for an aspiring inbound marketer. The baseline knowledge you’ll pick up in HubSpot’s course will prime your knowledge and make sure no learning experience will go over your head. 

Study and Go Through Other Inbound Processes

Be on the other side of the fence. Be the one marketed to and go through workflows and processes. Study CTAs and how they worked (or didn’t work on you). Examine landing page designs and see if they were succinct and enticing. Make note if the emails were compelling and beckoned you to click through. Great ideas will manifest from the inspiration you will get from excellent examples and processes of your peers.

Take Any and All Online Courses

So you’re certified. Great, but that was just the first in a series of many online courses you are encouraged to take. Outside of HubSpot’s classes, creating a baseline knowledge of HTML, Google Analytics, YouTube Academy and Graphic Design courses will set you apart from the rest. Dabbling in one of these things as part of the learning process may open new avenues of interest as well.

Become a Bookworm

Read everything. In your professional career, you should always have a business appropriate book on your nightstand ready to read. Reading is probably the approach where information will stick and resonate the most. New ideas and processes will develop from within and you will pull together all your knowledge together from your readings. Suggested books to start with are Inbound Marketing and The Marketing Agency Blueprint.

Constantly educate yourself. Due to the nature of the space Inbound Marketing is in (the digital landscape), things will constantly change. You need to be on top of your game and seek out information daily. Following these methods, you'll be on your way to becomming and Inbound Marketing Wizard.

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