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Why Inbound Marketing Tools are Great for Start-ups


Why Inbound Marketing Tools Are Great for Start-UpsStart-ups face any number of challenges to succeed, but arguably the most demanding is how to build awareness from scratch and attract potential customers who've never heard of you.

When it comes to rapid, lift-off growth, start-ups don't have any time to waste and they usually have even less money, so it's vital you make the most informed choice for your business.

Whether you're looking for that initial push as proof of concept, to gain momentum heading into a funding round, or perhaps on the back of a huge injection of capital, inbound marketing tools are ideal for start-ups and here's why.


1. Inbound marketing attracts the right kind of customer

Inbound marketing is built on the principle that all sales leads are NOT built equal. At the planning stage of an inbound methodology you identify your buyer personas and everything from there is educated by these semi-fictional representations of your potential customers.

What this means is that inbound tools (blogs, calls-to-action, landing pages, emails) are tailored to meet specific needs. You're effectively putting the right kind of bait on your hook, to attract the right kind of customer - one who's most likely to spend on your product or service.

2. Inbound marketing is transparent at every stage

We call it "closed-loop reporting," and by that we mean that every process deployed in an inbound strategy can be analyzed for effectiveness.

What that means in practise for a start-up is you get to see the transparent numbers for everything you're paying for - be it access to Hubspot tools, or the services of an expert inbound agency like Hüify to implement them for you.

This kind of reporting allows a start-up to see what's working and what isn't.

Free Ebook: Introduction to Closed Loop Marketing 3. Inbound marketing delivers guaranteed results

The great thing about inbound is that it ALWAYS WORKS. By correctly following inbound methodology you will increase visitors to your website, increase sales leads and increase you revenue number.

It really is as simple as that, which is why anybody who knows anything about marketing is jumping on the inbound bus to optimize their online revenue potential.

4. Inbound marketing can get you funding

If you're a start-up about to embark on a round of funding inbound could be ideal. It will give you the push you need to demonstrate growth and put you on the kind of steep curve that gets potential investors chomping at the bit to be a part of what you have going on.

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