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#AskJoshHarcus Episode 7: YouTube Communities


On this episode we talk about vlogging versus blogging, Snapchat versus Periscope, and how to grow and sustain an awesome YouTube community.

Question: Charlie asks, "With YouTube being the number two search engine, I've been thinking vlogging is successor to blogging, what do you think?"

Answer: Awesome question Charlie! You can probably tell already where my head is at when it comes to video versus written content. There are some things we need to keep in mind just with search engines in general, and that is that search engines cannot necessarily crawl video very well. For now written content is easier to crawl for the search engine. Now there's some work arounds with that. 

One of the things we do here at Hüify is we take all the videos and we get it transcribed. We send it off, we get everything that I say written down in text, and then we take all that and upload it as a blog post. 

I think that video is going to continue to dominate when it comes to content. I do think Vlogging is going to become more of a norm as people learn how to use the equipment they have. With having an iPhone in your pocket, which now shoots 4K, it means the benefits in using that as a Vlogging camera, are significantly better than it was in the past. We have all the technology now in our pockets, we just need to know how to use it and get over that hump of putting ourselves out there and recording more. 

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Question: Katie asks (in response to an #AskJoshHarcus episode about Snapchat), "Snapchat? What about Periscope TV?"

Answer: So the question is basically, "We have Snapchat over here, what about some of these other apps like Periscope or like Meerkat? The difference is you want to go where the attention is—not necessarily where the attention will be. You can definitely be a pioneer in the social space if you want to, but if you are looking for more of a quicker ROI, go where the attention already is.

You don't have to spend as much time, energy or work building into a platform that may never come to be. So with Meerkat or Periscope are great for bringing in audience as live. Snapchat is instant content that is quickly digestible. Because Periscope is live you can digest it in bigger bites and in archives. Snapchat's content is direct, short and with an expiration. So again, because the content expires in Snapchat, there is this weird hybrid live look-in appeal like Periscope, but it's something that's there and gone very quickly and therefore its value increases. So then with something like Periscope, where it's live and continuous, it's less valuable because you can't get the snippets that really matter. 

Question: JT Machinima asks, "I want to build a killer community in the YouTube gaming space. What best practices can I start to implement?"

Answer: For those who do not know JT Machinima already has an enormous community so I'm stoked that they submitted this question. They have around 335,000 subscribers on YouTube. I do not have anywhere near that—so JT thanks for the question and taking the time to submitting it.

So some of the thoughts on creating a community and growing it. The biggest thing is show that you have something of value to them. Whether it is secret inside knowledge, whether it is knowledge within a group that others don't have access to or it's a common interest that is more like a passion that people absolutely love.

If you want to drive a community, figure out how you can bring that community to a place where they can talk to each other, they can add benefit to each other, they can collaborate with each other and then talk within each other about how awesome JT Machinima is. That way JT doesn't have to go in and say, "Hey guys look how awesome we are," all the time because the community will do that for them and also continue to build into them.

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When you're making things for your YouTube channel, give people that snapshot, give people what your studio looks like, give them that image because then it makes them feel more connected to you as an individual and as a human being. When you can show that to more people some of those behind the scenes it's going to give them a special feeling of they're going to feel more connected to you than let's say the other 335,000 people that are following in particular. I think that's a great question one that I want to keep revisiting because there's just so much to creating a YouTube community in particular and so much for creating communities online.

These questions have been awesome! Keep your questions coming you can ask your questions wherever this video was posted or you can ask them on Instagram or on Twitter. 

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