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Sara Rose Harcus

Sara Rose Harcus
Sara graduated from UNCW with a B.S. in Chemistry. Since then, she has used her analytical background to drive results for her clients at Hüify. She has worked on websites such as this one featured on HubSpot's Website Case Studies page. She owns and operates Hüify alongside Josh as Chief Operating Officer. The analytical training she received at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UNCW has helped contribute to Hüify’s overall mission of decreasing the cost of acquiring new customers for their clients.
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Sara Rose Harcus August 17ST 2015

My First Uber Ride in Wilmington, NC (The Forgotten Post)

*Update* We took an Uber ride 2 years ago when they first launched in Wilmington, NC and forgot to publish this post about it. Here you go. So Uber...

Sara Rose Harcus June 2ND 2015

How Inbound Marketing Fits Into Your Sales Process

Although inbound marketing has become insanely popular over the years, many misconceptions exist regarding what it is and what it does. One prevalent...

Sara Rose Harcus September 5TH 2014

Predictions For #INBOUND14 And Why Content Marketing Is Here To Stay

As the marketing world gears up for Inbound 2014, spectators on the outside looking in once again find themselves asking the question, “Does content...

Sara Rose Harcus June 26TH 2014

Uber Launched in Wilmington, NC Today, June 26

Wilmington inhabitants can now hail a ride from their phones using the Uber app and get picked up anywhere in town. Representatives from Uber met...

Sara Rose Harcus June 24TH 2014

Highlights and Tweets From the June 10 Power Breakfast with Rick Burnes

Over 500 business leaders from around North Carolina were in attendance at 8 A.M. on June 10 to hear Rick Burnes address "The Future of Marketing" at...

Sara Rose Harcus May 22ND 2014

5 Totally Shareable Zuckerburg Quotes

What would being the spearhead of the most successful company in the world be like if the media wasn’t documenting every quote-worthy utterance you...

Sara Rose Harcus May 22ND 2014

@NextGlass Announced Overall Winner Of The 2014 Coastal Entrepreneur Awards

The mission of the Coastal Entrepreneur Awards is to highlight companies that help foster more entrepreneurial activity —and higher paying jobs — in...

Sara Rose Harcus May 14TH 2014

HubSpot Comes To Wilmington June 10

What is the future of marketing? Director of Marketing at HubSpot, Rick Burnes, is coming to Wilmington to answer that very question on June 10. As a...

Sara Rose Harcus March 24TH 2014

How To Get The Most Out Of UNCW Business Week 2014

Business Week at UNCW has much more to offer than just a break from classes. There are valuable connections to be made, ideas to be shared, and...

Sara Rose Harcus January 3RD 2014

Why Isn't Anyone Visiting My Website? 5 Reasons Why Nobody Cares

It's not that they don't care. It's just that they don't like you! It's probably both of those things, actually. Those sentiments resulted in very...

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