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Inbound Content Creation: Why Doodling Is the Key to Staying Inspired [Infographic]


Growing up in school I was always told that doodling was distracting and that I was not paying attention. For me and some of my fellow doodlers, drawing while listening helped me connect more with the information that was being presented. As it turns out I wasn't alone, and am actually in good company. Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, George Washington, John F. Kennedy, and Bill Gates all have this similar trait in common; they doodled. 

We are visual creatures. When you doodle an image that captures the essence of an idea, you not only remember it, but you also help other people understand and act on it - which is generally the point of meetings in the first place. (Click to Tweet)

- Tom Wujec, is the author and editor of several books, a Fellow at Autodesk, an adjunct professor at Singularity University, a multiple TED Conference speaker and a pioneer in the emerging practice of business visualization.

While most do not value the concentration that can compliment doodling, there are still many facts that help strengthen the concept that a sketch can help strengthen retention and help the listener gain a deeper knowledge of what is being discussed. Check out the infographic below to develop better content for your inbound marketing efforts.

Content Creation: Why Doodling Is the Key to Staying Inspired [Infographic]


Content Marketing: Why Doodling Is the Key to Staying Inspired [Infographic]


Do you already doodle? What are some of your favorite things to doodle? I'd love to know. Answer below in the comments so we can discuss it. One of my favorite things to doodle is 3D objects.

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