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Inbound for Startups: Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business


shutterstock_275994368There are a number of reasons why inbound marketing is the best way to increase sales lead online.

Not only is inbound the most effective methodology, but it's also very affordable too. If your startup could use a little help bringing in potential customers, inbound marketing is the way to go and these tips will help.

Invest in Content 

Content is some of the most powerful SEO material out there. There’s a reason they say that “content is king.” Never put anything but the best possible content on your website and change it around regularly to keep in Google’s good graces. 

If you have someone on your staff who is a qualified writer, great. Otherwise, invest in a freelancer who can help get the job done. Inbound marketing simply will not work without solid content on your side. You may be able to get customers to your website, but your lack of compelling copy will ensure a high bounce rate. 

Get Social

A huge advantage startups and inbound marketers both have these days is social media. Prior to this form of content creation, the chasm between small companies and giant ones seemed like a challenge that would be insurmountable. With social media, though, you can catch up to industry leaders without having to hire an army.

Get My Free Inbound Marketing Plan Social media is great for inbound marketing, especially at the top of your sales funnel. You can produce content throughout the day, firing off one message after another. While you still want it to be high-quality, so long as it is, you should have no problem getting people to head to your website.

Inbound for Startups: Marketing Tips to Boost Your BusinessBe sure to use social media as more than just a tool of constant

introduction too. A lot of companies just keep talking about themselves. This is inbound marketing though. What you want to do is help your market get solutions to their problems.

Leverage Software

Today there are countless platforms for doing more with your inbound marketing. Whether it’s automating emails, harvesting analytics or streamlining CRM, whatever you need, there’s a title out there to help.

Although inbound marketing can be very user-friendly, especially compared to outbound marketing, that doesn’t mean you’ll succeed without some help. Put another way, if your competitors are using software for their inbound campaigns and you’re not, they’re most likely going to pass you by.

Get Trained

Many people learn about inbound marketing by doing their own research online. That’s all well and good, but you better be 100% confident in what you’re looking up. Otherwise, you run the risk of digging your startup a nice, big hole.

Instead, think about seeking out training. There are plenty of professionals online who can help you get started and point you in the right direction. However, there are also a number of free training programs as well, so you have very little to lose by accepting this advice. Never Stop Revising

Each time a prospect makes it through your sales funnel and comes out a customer, you should be learning from what happened. This may seem difficult if you’re seeing thousands of customers a day, but that’s where analytics come in.

The point is that you can’t ever get comfortable with your inbound campaign. As a startup, you should be used to thriving in a dynamic environment, so this should be no different. 

Startups have a lot to gain by taking on inbound marketing tactics. With the above tips, you can also avoid a lot of unnecessary mistakes and reach success faster. Free Ebook: Introduction to Closed Loop Marketing

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