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The Top 5 Pros And Cons Of The HubSpot CRM


The Top 5 Pros And Cons Of The HubSpot CRM

Many companies have realized the power of the HubSpot CRM and how it can help optimize business communications. HubSpot managed to stand out from the pack amid countless CRM programs from standard companies like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Sage. Almost all of these are excellent, though they always leave out something you wish you could have.

When HubSpot got into the CRM business not long ago, they had one advantage: They already had their automated marketing platform and CMS in place. This allowed them to create some new features many companies wanted in their CRM systems.

While Salesforce continues to be the leader in CRM software, HubSpot has become nearly equal in popularity. That's because it has one other benefit above all others: it's free. Plus, it's simple to use, which is one reason many enterprises new to CRM tools gravitate to HubSpot.

Nevertheless, you still need to know if it's really right for your business structure. Here's the top five pros and cons of the HubSpot CRM and how it could affect your employees. 

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1. Finding Companies/Email Weaknesses

Pro: One of the best features on Hubspot's CRM software is a "Find Companies" feature that lets your employees research information on companies you're targeting. Through this comprehensive search system, you'll find more insights into who the company is while building company records. 

At the same time, you'll build a prospect list using this feature and target companies you're trying to market to.

Con: When sending emails to these companies, you can only send to one at a time rather than to multiple people. This prevents you from writing others in your company to discuss communication with your prospects.

2. HubSpot CRM Blends in With Other Work Tools/Features

Pro: Thanks to HubSpot working quietly in the background with your work tools, it's never obstructive when not in use. Having this advantage lets your employees be able to use it quickly without needing a steep learning curve.

Con: HubSpot doesn't have nearly as many features as other CRM programs do, though it gives you all the basics if you don't need anything too complex. Free is a great price for what you do get, and you can add things as you grow.

3. Integrating Google Features/No Updating on Sidekick

Pro:  If you've always wanted a CRM program with Google programs, HubSpot has them all in the software to help with presentations and scheduling. You'll have Gmail, Google Drive, and Google's calendar easily available to help nurture communications and keep things better coordinated.

Con: Sidekick on HubSpot's CRM doesn't update existing company records you transfer over to the program. It creates a duplicate instead, and this requires manual updating on your employee's part.

4. More Convenience in Making Calls/Dropped Calls

Pro: No more do you have to worry about searching records to find a phone number to make a quick call to a customer or lead. HubSpot stores all contact information in a convenient spot with detailed information for a quick call. 

Con: The phone number tab available on the CRM automatically cuts off your call if you close out the tab. Some might not find this problematic, yet it could matter if your employee intends to open other tabs during the calling process.

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5. Track Touches/No Analytic Tools

Pro: Hubspot's CRM provides a tool where you can essentially read digital body language of your contacts. Basically, it's a method of seeing how people react to your site and marketing content so you can tweak your future conversations with leads.

Con: There aren't any BI analytic tools to accompany the above, which can remove a piece of the bigger picture in how your content performs. Still, you may only need basics as a startup, and HubSpot may add more analytic features in future editions.

Interested in learning more about HubSpot's CRM? Comment below and tell us what you want to know.

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