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What Do I Do With My Awesome Video Footage



So you’ve decided to experiment and shoot some video at work...but what happens after? What do you do with the footage? There are numerous outlets to post these videos and each deserve a certain amount of attention in post production. We’re here to help you sort that out.

Let’s say you got footage from a team lunch at work, or you’ve gotten footage of a beautiful sunset view from your desk or you even filmed your CEO doing a whiteboard talk about the sales funnel and we’ll use each of those as an example. Each example will be used to display the optimal outlet and method to distribute your video.

The Quick Bite Sized Video

Most often you will find yourself with a good snippet of footage, but do not know where to put it. This is because it is most likely something like our “Office Sunset Footage” example. This is great content, but it does not warrant a full time investment or featured treatment with creation, modifying and publishing.

Fortunately there are two awesome short form video platforms that you may have heard of: Vine and Instagram. Videos such as this sunset, funny shenanigans, “thought of the day” or anything similar are perfect for these social platforms. They humanize the brand or business and are an easy outlet for this sort of content.

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Long Form But Informal

Content such as the inside look on the business’s Book Club Day are great long form video opportunities. However, they are not very serious, nor do they move the bottom line. They are great video opportunities to show that your brand or business has a pulse and also serves to convey a message. In practice, most of these video types service the “business culture” aspect.

When it’s not used for culture, these videos also function as a good form of entertainment to adjacent or overlapping verticles. For example, you’re a performance tire company. People who need those tires like cars, but a video about tires wouldn’t be fun. You know what would be? A car on a race track.

Long Form and Informal video can live on any platform and should not be too strongly tied to the brand. You obviously want your branding in there and to incite interest and bring people around, but you should still be realistic. Let the viewer enjoy the video first and foremost.

Long Form and Informal

These are videos that are directly related to your business, product and message. These videos are fewer and far between, but deserve all the attention in their creation and distribution. As our example for this video type demonstrates, having the CEO talking about the business and illustrating that is very powerful. Because of this, you should feel free to invest manpower in resources in making the video look great.

You should go through the entire production process with these videos for your business: pre-production, production and post-production. To sum that up, you want to plan this video out, you want to invest necessary resources in making it turns out great and then you want to follow up and put together a great video when you’re done.

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