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7 Awesome Things You Can Learn From HubSpot


Top_5_Pros_And_Cons_Of_The_HubSpot_CRM.jpgIf you are a self-improvement junkie who loves do-it-yourself courses rather than sitting in a classroom under the tutelage of a professor, HubSpot is a dream come true.

HubSpot provides motivated self-teachers a one-stop shop to learn how to become an expert in sales, communications, marketing, negotiation, and any number of skills every successful person needs in business today. Here are 7 awesome things you can learn from HubSpot training: 

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1. HubSpot CRM

Email is, perhaps, the lifeblood of marketing and business networking. It can also be a massive time consumer that can soon either be neglected by some, or take over the working lives of others. This great workflow tool offered by HubSpot soon has marketers and sales staff in email Nirvana. It can be used to automate emails, update sales data, and much, much more.

2. Inbound Marketing

You've heard the buzzword but what exactly is inbound marketing? It is the best method of online marketing. Gone are the days of purchasing an email list or advertising. Instead of trying to draw people to your product or service, inbound marketing takes consumers by the hand and leads them directly to you. It is a natural, digital relationship that is consummated by sealing the deal with a consumer who knew what they wanted and where to find it.

3. SEO Mastery

To master the art of search engine optimization is to achieve a skill level such as Merlin, the legendary wizard, or so it seems to many. Although it does have its challenges, learning how to understand these challenges is also exciting. By learning how SEO works and becoming equipped with the skills and strategies to create successful campaigns is the stuff of every digital marketer's dreams.

4. Lead Generation

Often, the hardest part for a marketer is just getting started. The starting point is always trying to generate a lead. Say good-bye to cold calls and hello to inbound lead generation. Once someone has digitally shown interest in the service or product you market, everything else is put into motion. Interest can be expressed when a person completes an online survey, uses a coupon or downloads content. Once qualifying data is collected, the lead has been generated and the marketer knows they are hot on the trail of a consumer who is a good fit for what they offer.

5. Marketing Automation

Marketers are always thinking of new, innovative ways to connect with their market. More often than not this contact takes place in the digital world. HubSpot trains marketers with the latest digital-data-disciplines to not only reach their target market, but to also create enthusiasm among consumers and provide relevant campaigns. By mastering the skill of marketing automation software, repetitive tasks are optimized by gleaning data collected such as email lists and social media account contacts.

6. Marketing Analytics

Sounds boring, I know, but marketing analytics are proven skills that can help sales teams make better decisions on where and when to invest their time and energy. If you want to also better market yourself, earning an inbound marketing certification from HubSpot makes it clear to everyone that you have learned the best marketing practices in play today.

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7. Social Media Marketing

Everyone has an interest. Their platform to share their interest is, most likely, social media. This channel of marketing is thriving and powerful. This is one of the best places to interact with customers and see the results up close and personal through comments and sharing. Although it can seem time consuming it is worth the effort, the better your skills are at understanding the social media landscape, the more you can maximize the potential of the marketing advantages offered.

If you are ready to get some awesome results for your marketing efforts, it is time to get cracking. Opportunity awaits for the new sales skills you will learn. Results are your destiny with the digital mastery you will achieve.

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