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7 Common Myths About HubSpot Training


If you've looked around for inbound marketing support, you've no doubt come across HubSpot. This site is one of the foremost places on the Internet to go if you are looking for training, and for ways to kick your marketing into high gear. However, you don't get popular without developing a few errant myths. Which is why, before you decide to start devouring Hubspot's training, it's important for you to keep some of the following in mind.

7 Common Myths About HubSpot Training

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Myth #1: It's Too Expensive

Hubspot training and certification doesn't cost you anything except time and effort. As you can see at Hubspot Academy, there's no monetary cost to anyone who wants to take the course. There are 12 classes, and each one brings students up to speed on an asset of inbound marketing.

Myth #2: The Lessons Are Quickly Out of Date

When it comes to marketing, on time is too late. Everything is always changing, and what was true yesterday won't be true today. While adaptability is important, it's also important to remember that the fundamentals of marketing, and particularly inbound marketing, are rock solid. So, once someone has a grasp on those fundamentals, which is what HubSpot training focuses on, the higher-level, constantly fluctuating stuff will make a lot more sense to them.

Of course, it should also be mentioned that HubSpot's training modules are regularly refreshed with the latest content and information, which keeps them up-to-date on all the latest industry changes.

Myth #3: Certification is a Guarantee

Getting your HubSpot certification is a solid step forward when it comes to gaining a better understanding of how inbound marketing works. It is not, however, a guarantee that everything you touch will turn to gold. It is just a statement that you have passed HubSpot's course, and that you understand the concepts found in the training program.

Myth #4: Training is One-and-Done

This belief isn't unique to HubSpot training, but it does crop up fairly often. Lots of people think that by completing the course once, that's enough for the rest of their working lives. However, it's a good idea to continue to learn and re-certify yourself annually to be sure that the lessons don't get twisted, misremembered, or outright forgotten. Just like any other kind of professional, it's important to make sure you keep up your standards.

Myth #5: This Training Program is Just For Marketers

While hands-on inbound marketing professionals will get the biggest benefits from HubSpot's training, it's important to note that the program has been designed for the average person. So, whether someone is a marketer, a business owner, or just someone who wants to run a successful website, HubSpot's training program provides value to anyone willing to complete it.

Myth #6: You Need A HubSpot Membership to Use These Resources

This myth has a bit of truth to it, but it's far from golden. While there are a number of places only members have access to on the site, there are still training videos that anyone can view. They act as a kind of preview for inbound marketers of all stripes to see what they're getting into, and whether it's worth the cost of membership.

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Myth #7: Certification Doesn't Mean Anything

There are those who feel that because HubSpot's training is free that it is somehow less valuable than training which charges its students a fee. However, as HubSpot's reputation grows in the industry, its training has become more and more respected. While it may not be the industry standard (at least, not yet), being HubSpot certified is certainly a feather you should wear in your cap if you're establishing your marketing bona fides.

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