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Josh Harcus

Josh Harcus
Head of Inbound Marketing and Sales Strategy at Hüify | Helping Enterprise SaaS define Voice & Digital Inbound Marketing Infrastructure, when not conquering in Risk & Catan
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Josh Harcus February 22ND 2016

Apps You Can't Miss: Anchor

Today we're going to talk about, or if you're already on the iOS app store, Anchor. We picked Anchor because it's one of the new hottest...

Josh Harcus February 16TH 2016

#AskJoshHarcus Episode 10: Instagram, Inbound Philosophy and Building Communities

In this episode we talk about Hüify's take on inbound marketing, how to leverage your time on Instagram (when you're spending an hour a day...

Josh Harcus February 9RD 2016

#AskJoshHarcus Episode 9: Mobile App Creation and Best Sales Tip

In this iteration of the #AskJoshHarcus show, we're going to be covering: If you should build an app and how to validate that idea, best sales tips...

Josh Harcus February 2ND 2016

#AskJoshHarcus Episode 8: Indiepocalypse, Micro DLC, and Video Game Marketing

In this episode we talk about Indiepocalypse, Micro DLC and marketing campaigns that I have really enjoyed. Questions: Taighlor asks. "What game that...

Josh Harcus January 25TH 2016

#AskJoshHarcus Episode 7: YouTube Communities

On this episode we talk about vlogging versus blogging, Snapchat versus Periscope, and how to grow and sustain an awesome YouTube community....

Josh Harcus January 25TH 2016

How to Choose Your Company's Name

Coming up with a company name can be one of the most daunting tasks that you have on your startup to-do list. The reality is (this is going to sound...

Josh Harcus January 19RD 2016

#AskJoshHarcus Episode 6: Managing Your Personal Brand

Today we grab more of Gary Vee's questions and help you guys out! We discuss personal branding, using Facebook pages for a personal brand and...

Josh Harcus January 17ST 2016

HubSpot CRM Training - Part 1 "Intro and Sidekick"

Today we are starting a tutorial on the HubSpot CRM. It is an awesome CRM, definitely the best one we've ever used and we will go step by step on...

Josh Harcus December 27TH 2015

What Is Point Pricing And How Do I Explain It To My Client?

If you have been following Paul Roetzer's meteoric rise in the marketing world over the past decade with his innovative "point pricing" model, you...

Josh Harcus December 22ND 2015

A Simple And Effective Site Audit Checklist

Designing a simple and effective site audit checklist is a must in today's time when getting your website found on Google is the key to being found...

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